Nytt fra NOFE:

Here is the first announcement about NordiEpi 2017!

The Swedish Epidemiological Association and the SIMSAM research network welcome you to NordicEpi Lund 2017, the 8th Nordic Meeting in Epidemiology and Register-Based Research in Lund on September 13 – 15 2017.


This conference will have a broader scope than past NordicEpi meetings. Epidemiology is a research field which is very closely related to other scientific disciplines, both in terms of methodology and research questions, and this conference will attempt to bridge existing gaps between these disciplines and encourage collaborative research. To this end, the conference will open its doors to research from demographers, medical sociologists, health economists, and others working with register research with a focus on topics which can be broadly related to health and disease. It is our sincere hope that Nordic Epi Lund 2017 will further promote cutting-edge research across these closely related disciplines. Read more.

Abstract deadline May 2nd, 2017

Takk for vel overstått NOFE-konferanse 2016!

Vi gratulerer Eiliv Lund som æresmedlem for 2016

og Maria Magnus for årets artikkel!


Her finner du abstraktene fra årets NOFE-konferanse:

Norsk Epidemiologi 2016 Supplement 1

Programmet for konferansen 2016