Welcome to The Norwegian Epidemiological Association (NOFE) website!

NOFE is a non-profit scientific association founded in 1990.  We aim to promote the scientific discipline of epidemiology.  The associations strives to highlight the importance of epidemiological research as a source of knowledge in health care, preventative medicine and health promotion.  NOFE provides an active national forum for health care professionals, researchers and others parties with a special interest in epidemiology and applied statistics. We aim to foster communication within the field of epidemiology, as well as promote recruitment to and education in the field, and contribute to the dissemination of results from epidemiological research, both nationally and internationally. We are also eager to strengthen the cooperation with epidemiological organizations outside Norway.

Membership & Executive Board

We are open to all individuals with interest in epidemiology and statistics or working within public health. To become a member, one must agree with the statute of our organization and pay an annual fee of 400 NOK (more information here). NOFE members are entitled to a reduced participation fee for the annual conference.

Our membership register is based on email addresses, and it is therefore important to contact us if members change their email address.

The association’s executive board consists of five members and two deputy members. They are elected for a period of two years and come from different research environments in Norway.

Main Activities & Publication

We hold an annual conference which is held alternately in Bergen, Tromsø, Trondheim and Oslo. The 2023 conference will be held in Trondheim. Details on registration procedures, fees and program can be found under the tab ‘THE NOFE CONFERENCE 2023’.

We also publish a scientific journal called ‘The Norwegian Journal of Epidemiology’ (in Norwegian, ‘Norsk Epidemiologi’). The journal is usually published twice a year and each individual issue covers a specific theme.