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Årsmøte 2016

Årsmøte i 2016 er berammet i Bergen, 26.september kl.16.00 og avholdes i forbindelse med den årlige epidemiologikonferansen. Les mer her


NOFE 2016 Conference in Bergen 26.-27. September



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On the program we have very interesting keynote addresses on several diverse topics:

Interpreting Epidemiologic Evidence: The Art of Using Research Wisely

David Savitz, Vice President for Research & Professor of Epidemiology & Obstetrics and Gynecology. Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

The seventh Tromsø Study 2015-2016: Presentation of preliminary results and extensive opportunities for further research collaborations

Laila Arnesdatter Hopstock, Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences. University of Tromsø, The Arc:c University of Norway.

Giardiasis in Bergen 2004 – The outbreak and its clinical consequences

Knut-Arne Wensaas, Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Research Unit for General Practice, Uni Research Health, Bergen, Norway.

Spurious interaction as a result of categorization

Magne Thoresen, Professor Oslo Centre for Biostatistics and Epidemiology University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway.

From ordinary survival analyses to analyses of competing risk

Stein Atle Lie, Professor, Medical Statistics, Department of Clinical Dentistry, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway.